Make your business

 idea profitable!

Clarify your brand. Build your business. Scale to profitability.

 Know what you’re doing

You know what you do best, so I’ll help you find the best strategic plan for business success.

Clarify your Message

Establish your identity and use your expertise to reach new audiences and earn more.

Make a difference, your way

You want to help people, I will show you how you can equitably make an impact


As an entrepreneur, You have a business Idea, something to share with the world. You want the impact, the benefits that starting your own business can bring, but you have no idea where to start, what to do, or how you’ll get there ( where is “there” anyway?).

You’ve seen your day job pulling more and more time away from you doing what you love with people you care about, making an impact that matters to you.

Your friends and acquaintances are taking the leap of starting their own businesses. 

If you want to earn more money, have more time to do what you love, and get out from under the thumb of typical job hours, here are a couple of things you MUST do:

  • Have a well documented, strategic plan for business success
  • Consistent inbound marketing techniques
  • Build your business brand authentically

But you don’t have time to be a full-time employee cranking out 60+ hours a week and working on your own business!

That’s where I come in!

I’m Lawrence, a business implementation strategist & media consultant.

When you work with me, I create a strategic plan for business success and guide you and your business idea, scaling it to profitability

You’ll save time and energy as customers choose you out of the crowd.

Businesses with a strong brand presence have the benefit of working with the right customers for their business and control over how they grow their business.

Ready to make your business idea scale to profitability? Get your free 15 minute consult!

 Why Work With Me?

Knowledge & having a plan is only half the battle. Implementing is equally important because it empowers you to take consistent action and generate massive results.

Though proper business implementation your business idea can effectively impact lives and get results.

Your strategic plan for business success can exhibit your expertise or undermine all your hard work in the blink of an eye if not implemented properly. 

With a background in business, media, tech and marketing, I make sure that you are set up for success, and I inspire, inform, and empower you to act!


My email campaign for the Workshop brought in over $30k in sales in a matter of days. Email marketing is one of the most effective platforms today, getting an average ROI of $32 for every marketing dollar spent So many businesses aren’t using it to their advantage. What are you missing out on by not using email marketing properly?

When we first started working together, Retina Creative Lab wanted to be the premiere studio in the area. Now, their monthly meetups are sold out on arrival, and they are growing faster towards their goal. Dan is an amazing photographer with a dedicated passion for helping others – I just helped make him reach broader and more effective.

After performing an internal audit, my business restructuring strategy and proposal was accepted and allowed berkshire health systems to increase their efficiency by 40% and save them over $70,000. Get higher ROI for your business by using the best working strategies and process.

Lawrence is so approachable and takes the time to speak in terms I can understand. Thorough and consistent, his great sense of humor shines through it all. I highly recommend!

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Services & Rates

I offer expert strategic business coaching, brand discovery and implementation via my process that I’ve tested and tested over the past 10 years working with entrepreneurs and startups.

Working with me, you’ll experience coaching and collaboration that makes your business idea a profitable reality.

As an implementation strategist, I combine my media, marketing, and tech expertise to improve your business and help you scale it to profitability.

I don’t just collaborate, I empower and inspire you to do what you best and make your difference, your way, and I never teach stuff that is spammy or scammy – which actually hurts your businesses.

Authenticity matters, so I use relevant, timely methods and strategies to help you scale your business idea to profitability.

When you hire me I don’t just coach for you. You also get:

  • Pitch videos and concepts based on your audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Easy to understand processes
  • Consistent conversation and dialog
  • Design everything in a way that attracts social media clicks.
  • Photography that’s royalty free and looks great.
  • Thoughtfully crafted film and photography products & services to support your valuable business idea.
  • Well tested templates and forms that actually work.

Sounds pretty sweet right?

It is!!

And that’s because I care about my clients.

I know what it is like to not know where to go or what to do next. If you want a path forward with your business idea, then I’m your guy. I hit deadlines AND produce high-quality work. It’s how I have access to working with so many talented entrepreneurs across the nation.

The Alpine Process

The entire and complete process where we take your business idea and make it profitable.


*Payment plan available

Business Implementation:

Need someone to make your content, grow your base and do the hands-on work? Let me help you grow your business idea into a profitable business!

Beginning at $2500

Clarifying your brand:

You need to understand what your business is and where it needs to go to be profitable. Let’s get a strategic plan that helps you understand everything you need to know.

$300 – $1200

**Ask me about monthly retainers & bundles for timely and consistent implementation, collaboration & coaching with subscription-based pricing.**

Want to invest in yourself and future and actually make your business idea a profitable reality? Then let’s chat!

Ready to make your business idea scale to profitability? Get your free 15 minute consult!


Hey! I’m Lawrence, a Business Implementation Strategist and Filmmaking aficionado

I started out selling landscaping services in my cute little suit and tie at 9 years old. I moved on to helping entrepreneurs make their successful business grow massively as an employee, but became worried I would end up working for everyone else my entire life. I took my passion for business, marketing & empowering people and channeled it into media consulting and business implementation strategizing.

 I don’t want to start businesses for business sake, I want to inspire and empower people with passion and desire to make the world a better place and help them grow their business ideas into profitable companies.

Why do so many businesses and startups fail? So often it is because they don’t have the right plan or don’t know what to do.

II believe we don’t need to live in the fear that “we can’t start a business”  or “I don’t know what to do”.

I believe we can take control and clarify our business message to create a better world and future solving problems for our customers. 

Wondering why I’m different from other people out there?

I give your business idea a vision & clear path forward.

I keep your “big picture” in mind.

I make sure that you win. We all win when you win because together is better.

Ultimately – I help you scale your business idea through a comprehensive strategy and implementation process.

Ready to talk goals? Send me a message let’s get started on discussing your path forward.


Ready to talk about your strategic plan for business success?

Let’s get started. In this 15 minute breakthrough session, we will discuss the steps of your strategic plan for business success.

  • Your goals – Customers? Higher income? More personal time? Retirement?
  • Your brand – How we will show your potential clients your expertise.
  • Your presence – How well are you ranking online? What can you do to increase your online presence and 
  • Inbound marketing concepts – I pitch articles, blogs, case studies, social media presence, and come up with ideas for a long-term plan.
  • How I can save you time! You already have a full-time job – marketing yourself should not add to your work hours. With efficient check-ins you tell me what you want and I find the most effective way to achieve those goals.

Send me a message and let’s make your business idea profitable!

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